Frequently Asked Questions about Tennessee NFA Firearm (Gun) Trusts 
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Tennessee NFA Firearm (Gun) Trusts 

What is a NFA Firearm (Gun) Trust?

A NFA Firearm (Gun) Trust is a legal instrument written to be in compliance with the National Firearms Act (NFA) and Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 13 of Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA).  It is both an estate planning tool and a simplified way to acquire NFA weapons, suppressors, and destructive devices. 

What is the NFA? 

NFA refers to the National Firearms Act which regulates the possession and ownership of certain types of firearms.  The NFA is referred to as Title II of the federal firearms laws, which the Gun Control Act of 1968 is Title I.  NFA weapons include machine guns, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, silencers, destructive devices (grenades, bombs, or weapons with a higher caliber than .50 except for certain shotguns), and any other weapons (e.g. pen guns, cane guns, etc.) 

Does a NFA Firearms (Gun) Trust eliminate the need for a background check? 

No. A NFA Firearms (Gun) Trust only eliminates the signature requirement of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) from Form 1 and Form 4 for NRA Firearms.

What can happen if someone is in possession of an unregistered NFA Firearm?

If a person has a NFA Firearm that is not registered, that person may be fined not more than $250,000.00, and imprisoned by not more than ten (10) years, or both. 

In addition, any vessel, vehicle or aircraft used to transport, conceal or possess an unregistered NFA Firearm is subject to seizure and forfeiture, as is the weapon itself.

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