Tennessee NFA Firearm (Gun) Trusts

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Are you in need of a Tennessee Firearms Attorney?

The father-daughter legal team of Dana Ausbrooks and David Ausbrooks share a passion for the law and a lifetime love of firearms.

As gun owners, we understand the unique challenges facing gun owners.  Planning your estate is a personal matter, and who better to work with than knowledgeable attorneys at Ausbrooks Law.  We understand that your legacy is important to you.  Each gun has a story. Most gun owners can remember when and where each gun was purchased and can recall the stories of shooting, hunting and camping with a parent, grandparent or other family members.  Each gun has been lovingly cared for and holds cherished memories for the gun owner.  Guns have a history, and often, guns tell our history.  

Because we are a family law office, we understand the importance of planning in advance for your own family.  We know you work hard to support your family, and we want to help you preserve your assets to provide for your loved ones.     

If you own or are thinking about purchasing gun suppressors, silencers, fully automatic rifles, or short barreled rifles, then you need to consider establishing a Firearms (Gun) Trust to protect your assets and protect your family.   

Firearms or gun trust planning provides a critical need for you and your family because the purchase and ownership of some firearms are regulated by the federal government.  It is important you understand the law and understand who can lawfully possess or own firearms.

We are pleased to offer our clients a revocable firearms trust, or gun trust, that is created to hold and ultimately dispose of your gun collections in order to comply with complex and unique federal regulations and Tennessee laws governing the ownership and transfer of firearms.  Failure to properly and lawfully plan for the care and transfer of firearms may expose your heirs to federal prosecution.  Our goal is to help you navigate the unique legal and planning issues so that you can protect your heirs and plan accordingly.       

Criminal Defense
Tennessee firearms laws have experienced numerous changes recently affecting the way you carry, transport or use a firearm at your home, your office, and in parking lots.  The rules can be technical and getting them wrong can have life altering consequences. You may lose your job; be facing years in prison and a loss of your 2nd Amendment rights to name a few. 

If you have questions about your rights regarding the latest conceal and carry legislation, or if you are being charged with a crime involving a firearm, give our office a call to speak with one of our experienced firearms attorneys today.   

Loss and Restoration of Your Firearms Rights

Have you been stripped of your fundamental Second Amendment rights?  Not all of our clients can legally possess or own firearms.  People who have been convicted of certain crimes can be stripped of their right to own firearms.   If you or someone you know wants to try to restore their Second Amendment fights to bear arms, call, email or fill out the form on the Contact Page for a consult today. 
Have you wrongfully been denied the ability to purchase or transfer a firearm? Our office can help.  

We're dedicated to achieving the best outcome for every client.

No matter the problem, Ausbrooks Law Office has you covered. 

Work with our family to protect your family. 

'' [T]he right to keep (arms), with all that is implied fairly as an incident to this right, is a private individual right, guaranteed to a citizen, not a solider." Justice Green delivered the opinion for the Tennessee Supreme Court in  Amyette v. State, 21 Tenn. (2 Hump.) 154 (1840). 

We are committed to fighting for your rights and fighting for you! 

"[A]rms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. . . Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them." ~ Thoughts On Defensive War
Thomas Paine, 1775

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